Obey Your Call

I have been washed in my own water. There isn’t enough room to explain the things that I have been through in the past couple of months. Within me lies villages and tribes and beings and angels and deities. My desires have ran through me and sat atop my head, waiting to be acknowledged and [...]

Cultivating The Language Of A Child’s World

On Raising a Free Child: Raising a free child is work. It is spiritual work, bypassing even your deepest conscious understanding. . Raising a free child is waging war against who you thought you were, who you believed yourself to be. . The mind that only wishes to survive, is challenged by ancient prophecy + knowing, [...]

Feeling Through

"Meanwhile Ala continued to watch her child.  After all, the Ada was her hatchling, her blood thirsty little sun, covered in translucent scales.  We were learning that to be embodied was to be the altar and the flesh and the knife.  Sometimes the gods just want to see what you are going to do." - [...]

me + magic

oc•cult: supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena. • • I often receive questions about magic, because the occult is the foundation upon which I live my life. I don't have a belief system. • I dwell in the realm of knowing. • I am studying the science of it all, the words that the [...]

A New Mother: Deprogramming + Nurturing Me

"Being a mother means being catapulted into ancient secrets. Birthing a child means the opening of gates." . . Your subconscious mind is the most powerful presence that exists. It is directly linked to the spirit, and it is formed to present internal dualities, to assist you in your alchemical process, and the culmination of [...]

Here With Intention

  Many have come before me that go unnamed. They greet me in the most unnatural ways. They come in the darkness, when time is primordial and flat. They come during ritual, when my eyes are barely open - in a state of trance. They come underneath my feet and tickle, guiding me to dance. [...]


Internal war and internal love coexist, in different spaces, different dimensions of me. Mental chatter is my thing. It's almost as if I can hear into realms, behind veils, beyond this time. The thoughts are everflowing and they don't cease. I am never still. I am constantly in an attic full of mirrors, and I [...]